Saturday, May 8, 2010

Bring a Smile Foundation

Hi Friends

Bring a Smile Foundation

This a foundation for all of us,who endeavour to bring about a balance in the society. Who likes to see smiling faces. Lets be together to create and spread smile all across our country. The problem of India is not dearth of wealth,but the poor distribution of it.

What we need to do?

All we need to do is-

  • Reduce our wasteful expenditure

  • Utilise it for the help of needful section of society.

What is our role?

In order to spread smiles,we will have to fulfills people's basic needs. If we are hungry we cant smile...So all we do is-

  • Collect fund from willing people ( Irrespective of quantum, we respect the willingness)

  • Raise fund by initiating various activities,programmes

  • Find out the genuine needy peoples ( Not just hood winkers)

  • Utilise the fund for the help of needy peoples

Who are We?

We are common people of India. The youth of India,who wish to see a balance in society,who wish to see happiness and peace all across the nation. This foundation is just an initiative, a platform where we can share our thoughts and be together for the noble cause.

How we can help?

Money is just a mean and not the end. All what is needed is the wish to help. a willingness for the change. Even 1 rs contribution can bring a smile on a child's face. Our motive is to help by heart.

This country is ours,the society is ours, we cant leave everything on the administration.Please be together,take initiative and participate by soul for the noble cause.You can help by-

  • Donating fund or

  • Giving us ideas or

  • Help us in finding out the needy peoples or

  • Participate in activities conducted by us or

  • Help people directly.

What is the basic need of society?

Good nutrition,education and health is the right & need of every Indian. Our government has failed to achieve these basic rights for every one.Now its the time for us to take an initiative.

We wish to see a healthy India, Educated India.........Happy India....!!