Saturday, October 5, 2013


Yesterday we celebrated farewell of one of our favorite colleague. I was just amazed by his decision to leave job and stepping into a more challenging career of entrepreneurship ahead. Life is full of such  difficult decision where one need to take a bold step to come out of his comfort zone. I just tried to feel his position what he could have been through while taking such tough decision and could think of this poem-

Socha nahi manzil hai kha, bas yuhi chalta hi raha
Raah me kai baar thaka, thama kuch pal, par nahi me ruka
Bas yuhi chalta hi raha!!
Kabhi laga safar kathin aur kaanto se bhara
Roya kuch der, fir muskurate hue badha..
Bas yuhi chalta hi raha!!
Mile kai log safar me, kuch paraye kuch apno se lage
Chaar pal sath rahe kuch, kuch hamsafar bane
Kisi ne hansaya aur kisi ne dukh bhi diya
Yaad rakha kisiko aur kisiko bhulta chala
Bas yuhi chalta hi raha!!
Manzil hai dur shayad aur safar bada mushkil
Mod aise aate rahe jeevan me jab faisla ho kathin
Socha nahi par maine kya khoya aur kya mujhko mila

Bas yuhi chalta hi raha!!

I wish all the good luck and success to my friend and wish he would easily fight out all such tough battles of life. Some one well said- "A dream is your creative vision for your life in the future, you must break out of your current comfort zone and become comfortable with the unfamiliar and unknown" and I myself believe-" Life begins at the end of our comfort zone"

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Understanding the pain of "One sided love"

Today, On my way to office while I was in  auto rikshaw, I saw a girl sitting beside me continuously fighting with some one over phone and endlessly  crying in anger. I din't take much time to understand what she was going through. Everything about her tears, cut wrist, anger, impatience and resentment indicated a bad relation and most probably the pain of one sided love. One sided love are often result of obsession and deterrent to accept rejection or failure. No matter how we perceive this feeling, it is really painful. This incident made me write a poem on that girl's feeling that I am sharing today-

Jitna Chaha door jana utne karib hue hum

Apni hi bandhiso me jakad gaye hum

Machal raha tha toofaan koi kinara na tha

Raahe thi hazaar magar koi ishara na tha!


Kisi ke aashiyan ko sazana chahte the

Par na jane kab humne use bikhera tha?

Ban gaye andheri rat anjaane me hum

Ban Na chaha Kisi ka roshan savera tha!


Chaha tha use ek dost ki tarah

Pata nahi kab use galat fahmiyo ne aakar ghera tha!

Khata kya Hui humse nahi hum jante

Dosto ki bheed me bhi paya khud ko akela tha!

This poem reflect the feeling of other person who may have to loose a beautiful relation of friendship because of one sided of love of his friend. But I just have one message for all such persons-


And for all those friend who suffered the pain of one sided love and obsession-

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A tribute to the feeling called "Love"

True lover's resentment:

I realize, its quite a long time since I posted any thing on blog. Before I become an active blogger just want to resume posting with an old poem of mine. This poem is a tribute to all the guys who are or were in love and  gone through the feeling of sorrow, gloominess, pain and misery in love.

 Some one rightly said-" Losing someone important to you. It hurts, right down to your stomach. That uncomfortable feeling, when you know you're slowly drifting away from them. You'll miss them, hopefully they think about you like you always thought about them. Till you're just a faded memory. Then you suddenly disappear out of their lives. It hurts.

  Sochta hu aaj ki tum meri kya ho?
  Tumse hai zindagi,ya tum meri zindagi ho..
  pyar ho mera,ya ho bandagi meri?
  Dost ho tum,ya ho dushmani meri!
  Tum ho wafa ya tum bevafa ho?

  Sochta hu aaj ki tum meri kya ho?

  tum hansi ho ya aansu mere...
  Khushi ho ya shikwa tum ho..!
  Tumne di nayi zindagi ya cheeni hai khushiya meri?
  Band palko ka khwab ho ya chupa hua aansu ho!
  Nibhaye hai har wade tumne,ya tode har khwab hai?
  Phulo ki ho khusbu ya kaanto bhari yad ho.....!

 Sochta hu aaj ki tum meri kya ho?

  honto ki hansi me ya palko ki nami me ho?
  andhero me ho, ya roshni me ho...
  khwabo me ho, ya tishnagi me ho..
  pyar ke har rup me ya nafrat aur dhoke me ho?
  har soch me,har yad me,har dhadkan me har ehsas me ho!

 Sochta hu aaj ki tum meri kya ho?

 Sach kehte hai aye dost in aakhiri shabdo me hum..
 Tumhare pyar se hi payi thi zindagi humne
 Aur nifrat se seekhi hai zindagi humne.....!
 Tum prerna me ho ya abhishap me ho.
 ab to lagta hai ki tum meri har saans ho...!
 Sochta hu aaj main,ki tum meri kya ho..??
I hope this poem will touch souls of all the true lovers and the people who believe in true love."I fell in love with her when we were together, then fell deeper in love with her in the years we were apart.”
At last I would like to end with a message to all the love hurts- “God sometimes removes a person from your life for your protection. Don't run after them.”