Saturday, June 22, 2013

Understanding the pain of "One sided love"

Today, On my way to office while I was in  auto rikshaw, I saw a girl sitting beside me continuously fighting with some one over phone and endlessly  crying in anger. I din't take much time to understand what she was going through. Everything about her tears, cut wrist, anger, impatience and resentment indicated a bad relation and most probably the pain of one sided love. One sided love are often result of obsession and deterrent to accept rejection or failure. No matter how we perceive this feeling, it is really painful. This incident made me write a poem on that girl's feeling that I am sharing today-

Jitna Chaha door jana utne karib hue hum

Apni hi bandhiso me jakad gaye hum

Machal raha tha toofaan koi kinara na tha

Raahe thi hazaar magar koi ishara na tha!


Kisi ke aashiyan ko sazana chahte the

Par na jane kab humne use bikhera tha?

Ban gaye andheri rat anjaane me hum

Ban Na chaha Kisi ka roshan savera tha!


Chaha tha use ek dost ki tarah

Pata nahi kab use galat fahmiyo ne aakar ghera tha!

Khata kya Hui humse nahi hum jante

Dosto ki bheed me bhi paya khud ko akela tha!

This poem reflect the feeling of other person who may have to loose a beautiful relation of friendship because of one sided of love of his friend. But I just have one message for all such persons-


And for all those friend who suffered the pain of one sided love and obsession-