Sunday, April 29, 2012

"Love", "the word is not enough"

I read it some where....."Never tell a girl that she looks like or remind you of your ex-girlfriend". Probably I did the same, it was a mistake, honesty or helplessness is a matter of perception.I believe this quote to be mere myth and there are lots of such perception within all of us. Love itself may be just a "word" for the alivement of all sort of fanatcies.

However,with the growth of professional man within myself, I started to believe.. Yes,Love exist, but somewhere in movies,books or imaginations. Existence of this divine word can survive within ourselves till  we remain teenagers or to give a better word till we are immature .

Now as I have became a bit matured guy and I can see that all the relations in this world are for mutual benefit or simply saying for "give and take". And as we practical human beings are so self centred and insensitive  believe that we believe "Love" does'nt exist.
 Love is a feeling which can exist -As  I said upto teen age, because innocence and immaturity are two sides of a coin.With the growing fight for attainment of  day to day bread & butter, comfort and luxary, the innocence within us just fade away. In every race people compete to win, for prize,happiness or pride but in our day to day race, we forget the very purpose of our racing around the world. The purpose is "happiness", the satisfaction of our soul. I hope we all remember the reason behind our race, and if not, just close down your eyes, think or rather feel what makes you happy? what is the most memorable or happy moment of our lives?? When I introspect my self, I can feel all those moment still so childhood days, and all those stupid moments which is material or practical terms holds no value in life but actually mean alot for my very existence.

Oh, I know I am confusing all of you with every sentence.It is a topic which is so common and have been written millions of time but still when I want to write something about "Love", it is flatering me. People often ask me a common question, do you have any girlfriend or did I have one? I give  different answers to each one of them. The concept of girlfriend itself is still confusing to me. There are few people who asked me whether I ever fell in love or loved any one? I am thankful to them as because of such straight questions, my ever charming curvy face turned straight and forced me to find answer within every word I am writing in this post.

Love has no formal definition for good reasons. Does love happen only once? I don't know whether it is true or not, I don't know what is right or wrong. But I know one thing that Sometimes giving rest to the mind helps alot to the soul.
Therefore, I am writing each word which I feel is true with me and such feelings may still not be finding any place in my intellectual thought process. As I look back in my life, I feel the most happiest moment of my life happend when the mind was at rest and the emotions were at best.So I may not be convinced about what I think but very much sure about what I feel.

I feel without being confused:
  • Love is an irrational feeling
  • It happens only once, and if it has happend again that means the first one was'nt love.
  • There is nothing called true love, as love is always true and if it is not, it a'int love.
  • Love can never break any one, it can cost you material sum, but every happiness has a cost.
  • Love can die, with the death of true emotions.
  • No one can forget his/her first love, as I said it can happen only once...So no matter how far we move ahead in life, it doesnt fade away.
  • Yes, You can remain friends with your Ex.
I appologise for the 2 paragraphs of misdirected thinking, as it is easy to give words to feelings than thoughts.I have seen many of my friends,collegues,juniors,seniors,relatives... loosing in love, confused,spoiing their lives. I just wanted to convey a message to them, if you  are unsuccessful in finding god within yourself, then try looking deeper inside instead of saying "No..he doesnt exist". And for the friends who have moved ahead in life and still are annoyed that they have compromised and are not happy about it..We fall in "Love" for chasing happiness and if by giving happiness you can get it double then dont creat unnecessary troubles.
When I try to remember the names of all historical peoples arround the world, I could not remeber the name of people who were billionaires or fighters, but the names of irrational peoples who were madly in love, do still exist in every one's mind even after 1000s of years.Probably because the glory of war & money is momentary but the fragrance of love is eternal.