Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A tribute to the feeling called "Love"

True lover's resentment:

I realize, its quite a long time since I posted any thing on blog. Before I become an active blogger just want to resume posting with an old poem of mine. This poem is a tribute to all the guys who are or were in love and  gone through the feeling of sorrow, gloominess, pain and misery in love.

 Some one rightly said-" Losing someone important to you. It hurts, right down to your stomach. That uncomfortable feeling, when you know you're slowly drifting away from them. You'll miss them, hopefully they think about you like you always thought about them. Till you're just a faded memory. Then you suddenly disappear out of their lives. It hurts.

  Sochta hu aaj ki tum meri kya ho?
  Tumse hai zindagi,ya tum meri zindagi ho..
  pyar ho mera,ya ho bandagi meri?
  Dost ho tum,ya ho dushmani meri!
  Tum ho wafa ya tum bevafa ho?

  Sochta hu aaj ki tum meri kya ho?

  tum hansi ho ya aansu mere...
  Khushi ho ya shikwa tum ho..!
  Tumne di nayi zindagi ya cheeni hai khushiya meri?
  Band palko ka khwab ho ya chupa hua aansu ho!
  Nibhaye hai har wade tumne,ya tode har khwab hai?
  Phulo ki ho khusbu ya kaanto bhari yad ho.....!

 Sochta hu aaj ki tum meri kya ho?

  honto ki hansi me ya palko ki nami me ho?
  andhero me ho, ya roshni me ho...
  khwabo me ho, ya tishnagi me ho..
  pyar ke har rup me ya nafrat aur dhoke me ho?
  har soch me,har yad me,har dhadkan me har ehsas me ho!

 Sochta hu aaj ki tum meri kya ho?

 Sach kehte hai aye dost in aakhiri shabdo me hum..
 Tumhare pyar se hi payi thi zindagi humne
 Aur nifrat se seekhi hai zindagi humne.....!
 Tum prerna me ho ya abhishap me ho.
 ab to lagta hai ki tum meri har saans ho...!
 Sochta hu aaj main,ki tum meri kya ho..??
I hope this poem will touch souls of all the true lovers and the people who believe in true love."I fell in love with her when we were together, then fell deeper in love with her in the years we were apart.”
At last I would like to end with a message to all the love hurts- “God sometimes removes a person from your life for your protection. Don't run after them.”  


  1. very well written.. you should write more often !

  2. wah nikhil kya baat hain !!

  3. Too gud nikhil bhayiya...!!

  4. ehsaas bhi koi cheez hai.... kisi ne kya theek pharmaya hai;-0

    1. I hope u vry much aware about this "ehsaas" ..

  5. Nicely expressed.. It is difficult to completely express what's happening deep inside the heart.. All true love lives on..
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  6. Very well written. However it would be great if you could actually write the poem in Hindi as well...

  7. Love is not something that you do. Love is something that you are. Either you can use somebody as a support to make yourself loving or you can simply become loving. After all, it is not somebody else’s quality, it is your quality. You are using the other person as a key to open this up. But you can also open it up from inside without the help of the other person. Then it is definitely more enduring because when you open it with the other person’s help – nobody on this planet is 100% reliable.

    If you are trying to extract joy, love and pleasantness out of somebody, this is going to be disastrous for both the people. I am not saying it is better to live alone. I am saying the way you are should be determined by you. If this is so and you are here to share your love with people, if you are feeling wonderful and you want to share this with somebody, then it will be very beautiful.