Saturday, May 5, 2012

When things are not going your way...

Once in a while, in every one’s life, it happens that things don’t happen as we want. No matter how hard we try, the things gets harder. No matter how fast we run, it seems we have not reached anywhere. Problems can be plenty - heart break in personal life, monetary problem, bad health, an unhappy family life, an un successful professional life, conflict with bosses etc .We may get frustrated seeing an undeserving guy getting the things which we deserved after all the hard work and talent. It hurt our self-belief, motivation, enthusiasm and may create so much negativity in our thinking process which leads us to depression.

So far in life, I have not seen any one, who has not seen failure or struggle in life whether take any common man or Prime minister or president. Struggle is the essence of living, so if one says I have ‘not seen struggle that suggest he has not seen life yet. The strength of one’s character can be judged not by measuring the quantum of success achieved, but how one react or comeback after failure, and that is called attitude. The most important thing is how to get out of such negative phase of life; here are few ways which can help:

  •  Take a break: If we keep looking at an object, the object starts looking hazy after a while. Between two days, there is always a night, which helps us to recharge ourselves. So, if things are not working, stop trying for a while, take a break, do things which makes you happy, practice your hobbies, watch any comedy movie.

  •  Family and friends: Good times or bad times, we need friends and family to accompany us. Our friend and family may not have every solution to a problem, but their support can help us to forget about the problem for a while. Friends can surely be the best source to restore our self-belief.

  •  Look at the broad view: When one is caught up in a bad situation, he, or she, tends to focus too much on the problem at hand, while all other things are ignored. If we see the broad picture, we will find our problems to be very small. For example- People may commit suicide due to failure in love or exams or career. But all of us know that  one person, exam or job can’t be bigger than life. Therefore, it is important to look beyond imperfections.You may not be perfect in your career, but you may be doing good in other part of life. Striking the right balance is the key for living a quality life.
  • Restore the excitement: I read it somewhere-“The loss of excitement is the biggest loss of life”. Excitement is the spark, which keeps us going. In the childhood days, as we remain excited about everything in life, we learn the most as compared to other phases of life. The best source of excitement are kids, spend time with kids, it helps a lot.

  • Motivate and react:  "No one is going to light the candle, when you are in a dark room, you have to be the first one to do the same. We know our self, better than anyone else. Think about yourself, close your eyes think about your life, the happiest moments and the sad, and how did you overcome those moments. It will help you to know, who or what can motivate you. Biographies of people who seen worse and yet they came back strongly can be a good source of motivation.

  • Hope and Action: Stay on course even if you stumble, when everything seems to go wrong, you can either give up or you can let your misfortune transform you into something stronger. Hope is the word, which keeps us going. Believe in god, he is not that cruel. Few days ago I seen a child crying because her mother was forcing him to go to school, he might be feeling his mother as his enemy, but we know that waht his mother did was for her child’s good future. Similarly we may not understand the reason why god is giving us pain at the moment but surely he is doing it for our good future only. It is just the matter of time.
       When things are not going your way, when things are worse, it will surely get better. Rain always comes after a season of scorching heat and humidity. It is the law of nature. So, believe, as the things has neared up to its worse, things will be better than expected. Keep hope and believe in yourself, To sum up, I remember few stanza of a poem-

Life’s battle don’t always go,

To the stronger or faster man,

But sooner or later the man wins

Is the man who thinks who can!

And at last, success if just the perception of mind, the most important thing is happiness and it is up to us, whether we want to be happy or not as-“Being happy does not mean that everything is perfect. It means you have decided to look beyond the imperfections”.


  1. Truly is for living and not for thinking.... Every day pose a new challenge for us ... its upon us to accept or not...challenge is to live or not live the way we want... So live life king size... Make every moment count by either contributing for anyone's smile or sharing anyone's pain etc.. Keep Posting- Nitin

  2. Motivating and inspiring..:-) Very nice post..:-)

  3. This one, is AWESOME. This was a very inspiring read, specially for someone like me who is struggling through days and nights to start a career! Thank you for writing this! After reading your post, I do feel like I can use a break from sending out the job applications. :)

    - Nikita